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Existing wroten Quickest Courier Network guestbook:
29 Desember 2011 07:58 wib; inen<inen@qcnexpress.com> on Jakarta ( wrote:
Dear Mr Park Jin Woo,

Terima kasih telah menuliskan di guestbook.

Kemarin kami coba telpon ke Pak Yohan tapi tidak bisa terhubung.

Baik, kami akan menghubungi.

Terima kasih
28 Desember 2011 23:25 wib; park jin woo<p897454@naver.com> on korea selatan ( wrote:
halo nama saya park jin woo
kemarin melenepon di QCN
saya mau mengirim buku ke korea selatan
tapi malam-malam jemput kemudian tidak bisa mengirim saya maumenelepon.
tapi sekarangtinggal di korea
kamu bisa menelepon saya?
16 November 2011 11:06 wib; YANA Y<rafia_thalidus@yahoo.com> on TANGERANG ( wrote:
6 Oktober 2011 09:25 wib; inen<inen@qcnexpress.com> on jakarta ( wrote:
Dear Ms Pitri,
Informasi telah disampaikan melalui email pada tanggal tersebut.

Terima kasih telah menggunakan layanan kurir kami.

Warmest regards,
29 September 2011 13:21 wib; Pitriningsih<pitri-ggs@ggindonesia.co.id> on Semarang ( wrote:
Dear CS,
Baru saja terima info dari HQ di Korea, di HK sedang terjadi Typhoon. Untuk paket yang kemarin dikirim dari Hong Kong (Avery Denisson) apakah juga kena masalah mbak?
13 Juni 2011 11:49 wib; inen<inen@qcnexpress.com> on QCN Jakarta ( wrote:
Dear Ms/Mr Mahyuni,

Untuk harga akan kami sampaikan melalui email.
Terima kasih telah menghubungi kami.

11 Juni 2011 14:01 wib; mahyuni<mahyunikursani@yahoo.com> on jakarta ( wrote:
Bu, kalau saya ada barang 100 kg value USD 5000 sparepart dari singapore ke jakarta. jadi berapa ya???
26 Februari 2011 10:34 wib; inen<inen@qcnexpress.com> on QCN Jakarta ( wrote:
Dear Bapak Suwandi,

Untuk lowongan kerja, silahkan email CV Bapak ke inen@qcnexpress.com.

Terima kasih.
26 Februari 2011 01:10 wib; kuswandi<wandie660@gmail.com> on pasar minggu jakarta ( wrote:
qcnexpress nama saya kuswandi saya warga jati padang pasar minggu jakarta, saya sekarang bekerja di sahid niaga international salah satu perusahaan yang bergerak dibidang linen...!!! kalo ada lowongan kerja accounting contak saya di 08567854660
19 Januari 2011 14:30 wib; inen<inen@qcnexpress.com> on QCN Jakarta ( wrote:
Dear Ms Maria,

Thanks for your comment in our guestbook.

We have sent you email about this request.

Thank you.
11 Januari 2011 11:19 wib; Maria<marketing@karinda-kharisma.co.id> on Tangerang ( wrote:
need rate/kgs for pick up from Dongguan to Indonesia
2 November 2010 17:19 wib; Inen<inen@qcnexpress.com> on QCN Jakarta ( wrote:
Dear Mr/Ms Desta,
Maaf, QCN bukan perusahaan franchise.

Terima kasih telah mengujungi website kami.

2 November 2010 14:59 wib; desta<sabansuharto@rocketmail.com> on purwokerto ( wrote:
mas mba.. QCN franchise bukan??? saya berpikir untuk membuka usaha pengiriman barang .. kalo franchise seperti tiki dll ... minta info lebih lengkap ttg QCN ya maaf saya jarang buka email kirim balasannya di alamat facebook saya : dealfad stonesholic
1 November 2010 11:56 wib; Inen<inen@qcnexpress.com> on QCN Jakarta ( wrote:
Dear Mr Hopkin,

Thank you for being back to QCN, we have make communication on email already.

Thank you for shipping by QCN
30 Oktober 2010 13:46 wib; John Hopkin<j.s.hopkin@btinternet.com> on Grogol, West Jakarta ( wrote:
Dear Sir, I have previously used your service to send my passport from Jakarta to the British Consulate in HK. it was an excellent service. I now need to send two CDs only in a small package format from Jakarta to Chennai in India. Can you quote me a price for this service and a potential pick up time and delivery time? I am based in Grogol, West Jakarta
3 Juni 2010 10:36 wib; inen<inen@qcnexpress.com> on Jakarta ( wrote:
Dear Mr Lim & Mr Park,

Thank you for shipping by QCN.

We are set for your next shipments.

Warmest regards,
Services Department
1 Juni 2010 14:49 wib; K.R. Lim <krlimkg33@yahoo.co.kr> on Kyung-Gi Do ( wrote:
I've visited your website for the first time and found some graphics are to be added.
that will make it even better to look around.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your customer in Korea for Master Air...

I hope we will keep in touch.
1 Juni 2010 14:41 wib; James Park<jamesparktk@nate.com> on Daegu city, Korea ( wrote:
It comes as no surprise that QCN has grown in size and its capacity of handling customers' needs in no time.

Although I send some small in quantity, what has been shown to me is admirable.

Thanks for staff inside QCN.

1 Juni 2010 14:29 wib; customer<sometogo@hanmail.com> on Seoul Korea ( wrote:
I'd like to thank you for delivering my urgent package on time to my consignee in Indonesia last month.

It was a unique service of you to show in the right middle of our dealine, as our package was set for the last minute.

With warmest regards,
1 Juni 2010 14:23 wib; Genesis<genesis@naver.com> on Jakarta ( wrote:
Good day!

Your endeavor and sweat will surely be reflected on the track of the express way.

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