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FeDex announced to cut down 5 % of all employees' salary.
FeDex, one of the biggest global express companies, is also subjected to the influence of current downturn of world economy.

This company has announced that they will cut down 5% of their employees, influenced by economic hurricane triggred by the US. FeDex said that 20% of management level, 7.5% of managerial position will be cut down.

FeDex has also decided that they will lighten a burden by holding the payment for retirement pension which is covered partly by the company to the next a year since February 2009. The company predict that they will be able to save 800 million dollars until the year of 2010 by this policy.

FeDex says they will face the worst business environment in 35 years of establishment and assumes that shipment volume would decrease significantly in 2009.

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