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The new year of 2009 has come...
The new year of 2009 has come to us....

Although no any difference shows in the fact that the earth revolves on its axis once every 24 hours, it is believed that the reason why mankind has made hour, day, month and year comes out from the hope we can carry on our lives in a good frame of time. 

All of us in QCN will be faithful to our duties continuously in this year and will pursue the code of conduction by showing our determination of providing service even better than the best to our customers.

Our best wishes for you in new year once again.

MJ Kim - CEO
Customer Center
+62 - 21 - 7884 1550


SMS Tracking
+62 857 1440 7437

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 The sky is the limit in realizing ideals of the  customer !

We believe that the necessary prerequisite for any service commodity to have value is that it be .... more

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