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Global express companies - A solution is 'China'
Global express companies like FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT are turning their attention to China as a countermeasure for what serious economic slump shows at the moment.

According to report by Maeil Economic newspaper in China, DHL has declared to get out of the US market and find their way into China. FeDex, another major global express, said they will operate the project of Asia-Pacific network base in Baiwin airport Gwang Joo, followed by UPS had brought operation of their network base in Shanghai to light.

Shocked by monetary crisis, sales situation of major global express companies stands negative. A report of Deutsche Post who owns DHL says business profit dropped 3,000 Euro compared to last year, and its ratio shows 8%. Business profit of TNT has dropped 12.5% and net profit shows 32.3% dropped.
According to a report from UPS, their net profit is 9.7 billion dollars which shows 12.4% dropped from last year and the statement of FeDex says their business profit by the end of August stands 34% dropped.

Through the influence of monetary crisis, big 4 multinational express companies are speeding up their ways to China. Sinotrans, a joint venture of DHL in China, says "China has already become a country handling the biggest volume of DHL and the strategy of "China comes first" will go on. UPS plans to operate a big network base in Shanghai, while TNT has clarified opening 8 new branches in China.

Local Chinese express companies aren't exposed to big 4 multinational express companies today, but four companies are definitely looking forward to tomorrow in one way or the other...

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