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Tracking on Web
You can easily track your shipment by entering your tracking number on the Tracking Box.
You can enter one or multiple tracking numbers, each number for each line, up to 30 tracking numbers.
If you find the result does not meet your needs, please kindly click the button 'in touch with QCN', and you can type your message.
Our customer service agent will then reply to you immediately.

For shipment which will be delivered by other courier from our Hub-Office, you can get the new-tracking no on the Ref. No from tracking result.

Tracking by Mesenger
You can also talk to our CS agent via Yahoo Mesenger on the right upper side of the main page on our website.
If you want to share this tracking result with others, you can click 'e-mail this page' and follow the instruction.
Tracking by email
You can get tracking result also by sending e-mail to track@qcnexpress.com.
Please enter the tracking number as the subject, separated by comma(s) for multiple tracking. 
Our system will provide the tracking news to your e-mail shortly.
Tracking by SMS
We simply provide this feature for your mobile phone.
Please enter your tracking number and send SMS to <+62 817 0977 999>.
Our system will at once let you have the tracking


Customer Center
+62 - 21 - 7884 1550


SMS Tracking
+62 857 1440 7437

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