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  • Grow your business with customized express solutions from QCN !
  • Grow your business with customized express solutions from QCN.
  • News of Jan. 22nd - 김포세관, 휴대품과 신설
  • 김포세관(세관장 : 이태영)이 최근 국제항공 노선의 활성화에 ...
  • Hardships of Big 4 express companies: 특송 BIG4, 경기침체 극복 고심
  • 필요 없는 비용을 줄이고, 특화 서비스에 집중
    위기를 기회로 ...
  • Gimpo customs newly set up new a section of Personal Effects
  • Gimpo customs has extended its organization from the previous two sections made to become three, in tune with newly activated routes of international airways.

    They have operated for ...
  • Package exceeds 68Kgs to the US
  • A line of policy by TSA(Transportation Security Administration) in USA says that package sent to the US which exceeds 150lb(about ...
  • Package to the USA : 미국행 특송화물 68kg 이상은 팩킹해야
  • 미국 TSA(Transportation Security Administration)의 방침에 따라 미주화물 중 박스당 150lb(약 68kg)를 ...

  • 'Made in China' OEM 제품- 한글로 '원산지중국' 표기 안하면 과징금

  • <As this is information about imported products origined from China into Korea, English version is skipped over.>

  • Indonesian businessman plans to drop money from airplane
  • JAKARTA (AP): If you're short of cash and don't mindrunning in tropical humidity and smog for a few bucks, read on.

  • The new year of 2009 has come...
  • The new year of 2009 has come to us....
  • FeDex announced to cut down 5 % of all employees' salary.
  • 페덱스, 전 직원 임금 5% 삭감
  • 페덱스, 전 직원 임금 5% 삭감

  • 2009년 기축년 새해가 밝았습니다 (In the beginning of new year...)
  • 2009년 기축년 새해가 밝았습니다.

  • New Year's Greetings - 2009년 새해 인사말씀 올립니다
  • New Year's Greetings
  • Dear our valued customers,
  • Big-4 express companies take low profile -- EMS rises in the market
  • Where would that leave the international express industry in Korea?

    Treacherous ...
  • Tougher inspection sets express business back in Korea- 통관강화로 폭탄 맞은 국제특송시장
  • 수입 특송화물 40% 감소…일반통관 유치 70%달해
  • Opinions about 2009 express market in Korea - 2009 특송시장 설문조사
  • 2008년 환율·고유가로 휘청…특송산업에 최악의 ...
  • Reorganization is expected in express industry - 국제특송업계 시장 재편 예고
  • 글로벌4사 및 로컬특송사 ‘위축’…EMS·대기업군 ...
  • "Company outing 2008 was another fantastic memory"
  • Thanks to many people who provided a chance to us for getting out from it all, ...
  • Company outing (Korean version) - 야유회 잘 다녀왔습니다.
  • 그동안 많은 분들이 도와주신 덕분에 저희 모든 QCN 임직원들은 ...
  • Global express companies - A solution is 'China'
  • Global express companies like FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT are turning their attention to China as ...
  • Express package into Korea shows 40% decreased.
  • A company outing is just around the corner !
  • Good day...

    We have a company outing on this weekend.

    Getting out from all hectic and hard works day after day, we will have two days in reserve and all employees ...
  • "Links" on QCN's website....
  • Sorry, this is information for Koreans in Korean version.
  • Restriction items for express to Korea
  • This is available in KOREAN version.
  • Tax rates for express clearance in Korea
  • Avaliable in KOREAN version. ...

  • Above the cold clouds...
  • Desolate ...
  • AirAsia X Connects Europe to Asia
  • AirAsia X Connects Europe to Asia
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